Just like rain, people come and go and became just a small part of our lives. The only thing that will matter is how special the moments that have been shared. The difference it makes to bring a lot of good purpose that we could be a better person in the future. This is what really makes sense at all. The love and care will never be left without serving its true meaning, to be of a source of inspiration, to be of a important and valuable individual to our family and love ones. It becomes much more special when you know just within your heart, that the time have been so kind and beautiful during those good days. The true essence of love is letting it live and stay to the special corner we have set aside , for that special someone. Through the years, so we can look back and smile, and be thankful as well that we become a part of each other. Even for a short span of our life.

Year of the Ox

June 10, 1961
2009 Year of the Ox

THE METAL OX 1901 AND 1961
Metal Ox people work harder and more scrupulously than most people, including other Oxen. They always show a boldness and drive and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Like all Oxen, they are completely trustworthy and dependable, but they are not ones to display their emotions freely or openly. These Oxen have the strength of steel, with a will to match. Often, this strength and ruthless will make it difficult for them to identify with the feelings of others around them. However, an Ox is always willing to defend what he knows to be true and won’t give up until he has proven what he knows to be true.
They are naive when they think about other people's secrets. They cannot fully understand the feelings of others, and seldom cheat others to win their love. Poetry and serenades seldom appear in their lives, even the gifts they give will be durable and practical. Since people born in the year of the ox are quite traditional, it may take a long time for a man born in the year of the ox to propose marriage to a woman. Such a man may be broad minded and maintain good order, but when he proposes marriage to a pretty girl, he will become clumsy and slow in speech. If you happen to be married to him and trust him completely, he will never disappoint you and will be loyal to you all his life. Although he cannot give you mounds of diamonds, or chests of leather clothing, he will try to make your life as comfortable as he can, and never ask for your help.

People born in the year of the ox are very patient. But they can be horrible if they lose their tempers. At such times they will lose their senses and attack those who hurt them like angry bulls. The only way to cool the anger of a person such as this is to stand away from him and let him cool down gradually. But there is no need to worry, they will not get into a fight unless they are driven beyond the limits of forbearance.

People born in the year of the ox have their feet planted on solid ground, and they are not swayed by their emotions. If you ask for their advice on some problem, you will find their support to be quite reliable. All of them have good physiques, and are seldom sick, they trust themselves and never compromise. They show contempt for other's weaknesses.

Second in order, Chinese name—NIU, sign of industry
Hour—1am-2:59am Month—January

Obstinate, Pouty, Truthful, Motivated, Friendly, Apathetic, Genuine, Quick-tempered
The Ox is a lover of stability, a great traditionalist and a homemaker. Rarely would you expect an Ox person to be an extrovert pleasure-seeker. They are happiest in the peace of their own home territory

Able, ethical and aware, colleagues of the Ox will marvel at their methodical approach and will depend on their eyes for detail. Oxen are not phased by routines, probably because they are so well-organized
. They are better-suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies. They do, however, work best when they work alone since they can be unhappy when participating in a large group.

Oxen are not the most sociable people and tend not to mix easily in social gatherings. Instead, they would rather be at home, enjoying their privacy and anonymity. Unlike the Rat, the Monkey, or the Rooster, the Oxen tend not to have a little black book, preferring a few very loyal friends to a large network of acquaintances. Oxen do know how to shine at social occasions, but more often than not they dislike small talk. These are wary people, unlikely to ignite friendships on the spur of the moment. They like to take their time and get to know people before disclosing themselves fully. A happy, solid relationship with their partner and children is the most satisfying goal they could accomplish.
Oxen dislike chit-chat. They don't have fun at parties and as aforementioned, don’t have a ton of friends. They are not very sociable and would rather be spending their time at home with their families. When the Ox is in love, he does not confirm his feelings verbally, preferring to show you how he feels rather than tell you. An Ox will take a long time to decide if you are the right match for him because Oxen hate change, and want to find someone who is ready to embark upon a stable marriage. Oxen never rush into anything and are not flirtatious people. Once they have committed to you they will usually be faithful and expect reciprocation of their honorable actions

Oxen are strong, silent, reliable people who sometimes take for granted that their relationship is a partnership and that they make not always be the dominant figure. Other Animals may find them quite stubborn and overbearing. Chinese horoscopes are very specific about which partnerships have the potential to be successful in love and in business. Yet, though destiny can point us in the right direction, we must still make all efforts to maintain loving relationships
This duality combines a light spirituality with a predictability quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They contradict each other in a way, but value free-thinking and intelligence.


Everyone is unique. Each one possess a character and attitude of his own. Needless to say, it is a right. A free expression of oneself. Some people commit the big mistake of throwing criticism or trying to insist other people to change their ways, values or lifestyle. It could be refine if the intention is on a positive change, but to make a complete turn around to individuality could be absurd. Character and Attitude is a personal matter and it grows within a person through the years of his life. It is just a way of life and statement for everyone to try to be different from the rest.

Leisure and Fun

Theme Parks, Beaches , Disneys and Wonderland rake enormous profits around the world. People indulge on their careers and works with a major amount of their time so as once or twice a year, they could spend and enjoy quality time with their loved ones on leisure and fun. Enterprenuers and Businessman keep on digging on their research and development full time in order to be competetive and meet the huge demand of the public. Technology and advance engineering system pave the way on the birth of the most beautiful and sophisticated leisure theme parks in the world.
Through marketing research and surveys, businessman had come to know that after spending much part of their life on working, people will tend to enjoy the fruit of their hardwork when they retire. These influx boost tourism into an all time high records.

Holy Cow

Wondering how the name of an animal become associated with such religious words, like Holy and Sacred. The first which denotes an expression to describe amazement on such extra ordinary sights or events, while the second describe a person or organization untouchable by law because of political connection. Cow is an animal synonymous with history, even during biblical times and during the present.

Of all animals, the cow is considered to be the most sacred in the religious faith of Hinduism.Overall, the cow's existence is that of the provider and a caretaker.From Cow Dung to its milk and urine by products,the cow is considered a sacred symbol for good reason.

All animals and living things were created by God to serve a purpose and knowing a little of everything about them will somewhat gave us a broader perspective of the value of each creation that we encounter in life.

Memories of Youth

Simplicity of life brings the memories of youth joyful years. Urban living gave way to daily interaction with people from all walks of life. My environment during those times goes well with the said lines. The daily routine goes on with intermingling with all sorts of people, each had their kind of story, their way of life. Environment plays a vital factor with perseverance. Knowing how harsh life might be,this give inspiration to set a goal, to try to achieve something different, to divert to a finer way of life, for a little change or bigger if it might be. This is where one should stand to reach out and dare to be different. It might also serve as a good model to his predecessors.
That life might be little bit different, if we will only have the desire to have a goal. Parents enlightenment begins with the words, of their will to change the life of their children, to deviate from the hardships that they been through, the sacrifice they gave brings the fruit of success and passion to their children. The image above..brings the memory of my youth

Image courtesy of TCTkid of photobucket.

Time and its Essence

Oftentimes, people are occupied with so many undertakings in their life. Basic human needs are one major factor that most work hard to gave their love ones some of the important and beautiful things this life could offer. It is interesting to note that in order to gain the fruit of success needs a lot of hardwork and sacrifices. The amount of time spend would sometime or almost steal some quality period of our life that could have been shared with our love ones. The sad part is that after the goal have been achieve..the people you want it to share were already gone and past of their prime. Dreamers as we may be..if we could only save time ..and spend it later..for sure , we will spend it to the most people we dearly love..savoring all the moments and passion.


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